I have given a fair amount of lectures, seminars, supervisions, and high school lessons over the last years, some about the history & philosophy of science and others about adjacent or much more general issues. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding specific syllabuses or teaching methods. In general, I conceive of teaching as a participatory and liberatory activity, aiming to improve students' understanding of the objective world based on their unique perspectives on it. Hence, I am convinced that teaching requires teachers to commit to a serious amount of learning themselves, both about their students and their subject as viewed from the perspective of their students. My views on education are inspired by long discussions with my partner Maria, who teaches in secondary schools in East London and is a never-ending source of pedagogical inspiration.

Cambridge University

  • HPS Part 2 (Advanced), Philosophy and Scientific Practice (2022-23) [included supervisions on: The Metaphysics of Physics, Philosophy of Biomedicine]

  • HPS Part 2 (Advanced), Sciences and Empires (2022-23) [included supervisions on: Science, State, and Society in South Asia]

  • HPS Part 2 (Advanced), Epistemology and Metaphysics of Science (2021-22) [included supervisions on: Laws of Nature; Probability; Scientific Realism; Reductionism; Pragmatism; Models, Evidence, and Explanation]

  • HPS Part 1B, Introduction to Philosophy of Science (2020-21) [included supervisions on: What is Science?; Philosophy of Physics; Philosophy of Social Science; Politics & Ethics of Science; Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Biology]

KTH Royal University of Stockholm

  • Guest Lecturer in the Scientific Methodology Seminar, Department of Engineering (2021/22)

  • Guest Lecturer in the Scientific Methodology Seminar, Department of Engineering (2020/21)

Boston University

  • Guest Lecturer in the Philosophy of Science Course, Department of Philosophy (2022/23)

University of Porto

  • Literature and Philosophy of Language (2018-19)

Vaolongo Secondary School (Portugal)

  • Climate Change and Ethical Responsibility [as part of the Utopia 500 project at the University of Porto] (2019)

University of Kassel

  • Historical Research Methodologies (2016/17, 2017/18)

  • Global Ethics (2017/18)